The secrets of all oceans meet in a drop of water ”Khalil Gibran

The water flows, dances, and cascades in a wondrous voyage. Discover hidden tributaries in a magical, natural world, and then flow into the Blu Infinito.

Fantastic aquatic creatures and flora. Corals, illuminated by the sun's rays penetrating the surface of the water. The seabed illuminating with colors as if painted with light. There is no top or bottom. There is no gravity, only the majesty of floating without it's constraints

The Infinite blue is the cradle of life. Metamorphosis, diversity of shapes and forms , enveloping its mysterious creatures in a sensual cosmic embrace.

eVolution dance theater is ready once again to transport you to a world of pure imagination.

The ingenious fusion of different disciplines creates a spectacle of unforgettable visual impact.

The use of technology and its relationship with the performance of the group's multifaceted artists (dancers, gymnasts, illusionists, contortionists, athletes) is the distinctive element of eVolution dance theater.

Amalgamations of lasers and mirrors, reflections, refractions, chemical screens that react with and capture the light, create worlds in which the shadows of the dancers transcend the corporeal and become entangled with the luminous.

Futuristic lighting contrasted by velvet darkness that blankets the performers; glowing creatures floating in a mysterious abyss.

Optical illusions, special effects, colored shadows, anti-gravity performance, telescopic structures, and the incredible technology of the Light Wall, an interactive screen developed by the choreographer, who thanks to his studies in Chemistry and Physics has always been looking for the perfect combination of art, science, and technology.


Night Garden

MYSTERY, BEAUTY, and WONDER await you in the Light  Garden.    

Be transported into a magical realm , where we discover what happens under the moonlight, when the world is dreaming ….In the night Garden

Bioluminescent creatures play in a glowing new world, where shadows have color, the landscape is painted with light, and the laws of nature are transformed into a surrealistic , glowing , fascinating  new reality!  An inventive, exciting,  and visually stunning evening of Theatrical Magic.

There is a magical moment , between day and night , that transforms the landscape and sensations.  This change of light awakens our more primitive instincts.  The day of work is done, and we enter the twilight, a moment to reflect, and dream about tomorrow. And we go inside to the warmth and light of our fires. But a whole other world, outside, is just waking up …

Discover for yourself what lies behind the hidden veil of the Night Garden, Where nothing is as it seems……

Evolution Dance Theater is an exciting  innovative fusion of Dance, Art, Acrobatics, Magic and illusion.  For the last seven years touring the world captivating sold-out audiences with their unique performances. As well as creating shows for The National Ballet Company in Florence, Italy's Got Talent , and most recently in 2015 creating the new hit Show "The Magic of Light" for Disney Cruise Lines. 
Founded by The american artist, Anthony Heinl, and based in Rome Italy,  Evolution Dance Theater is dedicated to creating new and innovative techniques for the stage, Using an exciting mix of science and art to create a truly unique experience




ElectriCity is a high energy , visually stunning, 90 minute show. Incorporating new technologies and optical effects .
The first half is a fast paced journey through a series of captivating, beautiful, and athletic vignettes. The dancers  creating an electric light show inside of giant balloons, and emerging to metamorphosize into alluring beings of light. New performances based on our mesmerizing light wall, as well as gymnastics, comedy and state-of the –art blacklight techniques.

The second half Takes place on an inflatable Mountain. A huge stage-filling set piece, that becomes an enchanting glowing garden and then a cascade of fog that the dancers leap, fly, and rebound, to create an astonishing new way of rejecting gravity enclosing an evocative strength and energy in movement!  

The brand new and vibrant choreography, represent a large electrical panel in which different "energies" give life to surprising and unexpected sensations.

A dreamy atmosphere in which is revisited the concept of truth and astonishment in perceiving the existence of other ways of seeing. The only purpose is the pleasure to walk another journey with the intent to transmit a contagious positivity that can approach any audience to dance, with intellectual honesty and charm of the body language.

The performers are actors, gymnasts, dancers, illusionists, contortionists, athletes, and artists. A seamless blending of various disciplines - to create an unforgettable, visually stunning experience: futuristic lighting, illusion, interactive scenery, and a dynamic concoction of physical theater and athletic dance.

"You have to see it to believe it"



eVolution, an exciting dance theater created by ex-Momix dancer Anthony Heinl.A dream-like series of fantastic vignettes, "FireFly" generates unique visions of beauty and humor with a cast of dancer/acrobats and innovative technical effects.Thanks to almost three decades of experience in theater and dance, and as a creative “consultant/assistant” for Momix, Heinl has developed a unique theatrical sensibility, incorporating the human element with illusion in a rare combination.
The use of technical innovation and video fuse with strong acrobatic, physical theater, and dance, creating a magical world making the impossible possible in unexpected and inventive ways.
A variety of curious creatures not bound by conventional physical laws hurtle through space and melt in and out of each other.
Caricatures of recognizable human foibles animate humorous and affecting stories told through movement.
An innovative new black light technique developed by Heinl makes the show extremely exciting as figures mysteriously float, bounce and disappear.
"FireFly" is an illusionary and magical infusion, able to excite and fascinate young and old; 
it’s, a rare, engaging and dreamlike performance matching wonder with art, leaving in the process an
indelible mark on the minds and hearts of the audience.
Dedicated to producing innovative dance theater and illusion work for Italy and the world. 

Show created for the Maggio Danza (FLORENCE) _

BLACK & LIGHT _ a selection of truly magical visions ....

An enchanted voyage into the imagination.  Exciting synthesis of Illusion,  technology, bodies in a luminous new world, where shadows have color, the landscape is painted with light, and the laws of nature are transformed  into a surrealistic , glowing , fascinating  new reality!

Black & Light is a constantly transforming experience, a series of Vivid Vignettes. Every scene is set In a new universe, with  an innovative unique invention. Blacklight, chromatic shadows, aerial performance, and the incredibly innovative original Light wall. Will have Dancers, flying, Spinning, transforming , and disappearing. Generating a constant state of curiosity. How do they do that? What will be next?  Every piece is based on a re-imagining of light. Through the process of scientific research and artistic exploration is born a new level of  optical effects never before seen , a feast for the eyes and mind!

    "Sophisticated and captivating....... A show that can be fully enjoyed by both parents and children."

The performers are actors, gymnasts, dancers, illusionists, contortionists, athletes, and artists. A seamless blending of various disciplines - to create an unforgettable, visually stunning experience:  futuristic lighting, illusion, interactive scenery, and a dynamic concoction of physical theater and athletic dance.